Sunday, February 13, 2005

5 Most Common Ways Conservatives Distort the Truth

1.) The straw man. First they make up a crazy argument and attribute it to Democrats. Then they argue against the fake argument to make their point look good.

2.) Personal attack. You've seen it a million times. Instead of presenting a real argument they just attack.

3.) Irrelevant Authority. They bring in an "expert" or mis-quote and actual expert and then claim that the argument is true because even the experts agree. (See my posts about Brit Hume).

4.) Poisoning the Well. Very visible during the last election. They tried to define Kerry as a flip flopper, as a fake war hero, as an ineffective Senator. People ignored what Kerry said because they attacked his credibility before he even said anything at all.

5.)Two Wrongs Make a Right. I mention this one because of the torture memos and the prison scandals. You can hear right wingers use this all the time. "All we did was sexually humiliate them, they are the ones cutting of heads. And so on.

These are just 5 common ways that conservatives distort the truth. There are many others,.


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