Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bush Administration allows IBM to be purchased by a Chinese company

And now. As if all that wasn't enough. IBM is being purchased by a Chinese company, Lenovo.

U.S. Committee OKs IBM-Lenovo Deal

bid to sell its personal computing division to Lenovo passed muster
with a U.S. government group, removing a major barrier to a deal that
has faced worldwide scrutiny because of Lenovo's ties to the Chinese

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S.
(CFIUS) approved the $1.25 billion exchange ahead of the March 29
deadline it imposed, paving the way for IBM (Quote, Chart) and the
Beijing-based computer manufacturer to go forward with the transaction,
according to IBM spokesman Clint Roswell.

Everyone please note
the spin machine is already out on this. The claim is that personal
computer technology is not vital to national security. Don't let that
fool you. IBM is the worlds largest computer outsourcing company, they
make super computers, servers, software and a whole bunch of our govt
agencies heavily use their technology.

This is a stab in the back for our country.


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