Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Constitution and Terri Schiavo

The Constitution and Terri Schiavo
by Robert Siegel

All Things Considered, March 21, 2005 ยท NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Georgetown University law professor Jeffrey Rosen about the legal issues involved in the case of the brain-damaged Florida woman, Terri Schiavo, who is at the center of a national controversy over the right to die.


Blogger Paradigm Shifter said...

Look at what this guy Hal Turner is saying now! IS THIS THE REAL FACE OF THE RNC??

She was born a jew, but converted to Catholicism. But being born a jew makes one a racial jew no matter what religion they convert to. And seeing as racial jews are the lowest form of scum in the history of this planet, (They've been thrown out of more countries than any other race in history) maybe starving Terri to death isn't too bad a thing at all.

In fact, since there are so many other jews in Florida, doubtless many who are seriously ill from all their inbreeding and race mixing, maybe this Schiavo thing is a terrific way to set case law as an excuse to get rid of a whole slew of other jews!

I still think it would have been far more humane to simply gas her to death. But I guess after all the hoopla about "gas chambers" in Germany back in WW2, the powers that be are a bit squeamish about using that method again.

Oh well.

-- Hal Turner

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Blogger Paradigm Shifter said...

Tom Delay pulled the plug on his own Father!!! Talk about a Hyp-O-Crit!

LA times story on

9:28 AM  

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