Thursday, March 24, 2005

Stop The Stealth Subsidy of FOX NEWS

End Forced Funding of Right-Wing Propaganda

If you buy broadband internet service from cable, you can break Fox News's hold on our politics and pocketbooks.

You tune in Fox News and see how they beat the drums for preemptive war, the erosion of civil liberties, and bankrupt economic policies.

You watch as they recycle classic propaganda techniques, and spin half-truths in support of right wing candidates and causes. You've seen OutFoxed. You check Media Matters. You wonder why anyone believes their slogan about being "Fair and Balanced." Well no one does. Even conservatives say Fox News promotes their cause - that's why they faithfully tune in. It's also why the Bush Campaign turned to Fox News as a marketing platform for its winning "motivate the base" re-election strategy.

Fox News Reports, You Decide. So Decide!

Conservatives are entitled to free speech. But they are not entitled to foist their propaganda channel on the entire country and to force everybody to pay for it. So you are free to say no. Tell them to pay for it themselves.

Then tell their distributors you want Fox News converted to a separate premium subscription channel. Across the nation, in every system they serve - without delay. Three easy steps to Starve The Fox

1. Write or call your cable company(…or DirectTV.)
- Tell them you want Fox News out of the mandatory basis package.
- Tell them to make Fox News a premium subscription service like HBO.

2. Let them know that if they don’t agree, you’ll buy broadband DSL (or other
new telephone services) from a phone company competitor.

3. Report Back so we can keep a tally and update you on our progress.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those low-down dirty dog double crossing RNC polecats. What happened to the days when Republican was a dirty word? They were perceived as money-grubbing elitists...

Now they are seen as "liberators", "protectors of life", and "purveyors of democracy"

How did they pull this Orwellian newspeak on the whole country?

How can we undo it?

Well, I think they just might undo themselves. They are drunk with power and starting to abuse it (ya think). Perhaps if we all sit back, they will take themselves down.

Fox News "Fair and Balanced"....Can they be sued for false representation?

11:45 AM  
Blogger halcyon67 said...

This is cool thing. I would like to do it but it would be useless because no cable, dsl company in my area provides FNC. I don't get it, and I am glad that I don't'.

If you also want to help FOX and pre-packaged government produced fake news go or

Paradigm, American citizens should be able to sue, I would check it out though, it definitely has potential.

Also FNC already is in violation of their FCC license. FNC does not serve the public good. That is the main staple of a FCC license, that is why Sinclair Broadcasting was in hot water.

We need to pressure FOX NEWS. Sinclair was pressured, and they caved.

Democracy: 1 FNC/Sinclair: 0

1:19 PM  

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