Saturday, April 02, 2005

Border security not a Republican priority - Citizens take matters into their own hands

The now familiar trend of hypocrisy in the Republican party has finally reached a fevered pitch. While corporate agriculture lines the pockets of Republican politicians, conservative grass roots activists decide to do the job themselves. Yes, their Senators and Representatives campaigned on border security. Yes, they were told that once their side got power they would get the problem addressed. But, as usual with the Republicans, big money wins out. The construction, agriculture, and service industries all benefit from the cheap labor gained by politicians looking the other way.

Citizen patrols to block Mexican migrants

"Several hundred people are preparing to launch their own border patrols in Arizona this weekend, with the intent of stopping illegal migrants from crossing the border."


Blogger chrisbilal said...

Were the minutemen the good or bad guys in the Revolution?

1:46 PM  

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