Friday, April 15, 2005

House Republicans Vote to Keep Ethics Commission Weak And Ineffective

House Republicans brushed aside a Democrat attempt to strengthen ethics rules on Thursday. You may remember that House Republicans voted to weaken ethics rules in order to protect Republican Representative Tom Delay who faces a number of ethics and legal charges.

"The vote was 218-195, along party lines, to kill the proposal by Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader.

The California Democrat swiftly issued a statement accusing Republicans of showing "allegiance to the ethics standards of Tom DeLay." DeLay, the majority leader, is battling charges of misconduct.

Republicans held ranks one day after a few lawmakers expressed concern at a closed-door meeting over the party's handling of the ethics issue."

Source: House GOP kills Dems' ethics proposal

In a related story:

Ten former members of Congress, all Republicans, joined in a letter to the House leadership on Thursday to say they believed that revisions in House ethics rules this year were an 'obvious action to protect Majority Leader Tom DeLay' from investigation. They said the changes needed to be reversed 'to restore public confidence in the People's House."

Source: New York Times


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