Sunday, April 17, 2005

How Much Proof Do You Require?

So far the war in Iraq has cost our country over $200 billion. Our country is experiencing the highest oil prices in history. We were led to war on false promises, regardless of what the kool-aid drinkers tell you.

Let's review:

Sadaam had WMDs:

This is now completely and irrefutably proven to be false. There were no WMDs, they were not carted off to Syria, and plenty of people knew it in advance. The French and Germans did not agree with us on WMD no matter how many times Sean Hannity lies and tells you they did.

Sadaam Helped Al Queda:

According to recently de-classified documents there was no cooperative link between Sadaam's govt and Al Queda. But, these recent docs are just icing on an already well established cake.

Iraq's Oil will pay for all this:

I don't have to go any further, you are paying for it at the pump.

Levin Releases Newly Declassified Intelligence Documents on Iraq-al Qaeda Relationship
Analysis: WMD panel threatened resignations
Bush Intel Panel Sees Difficult Task Ahead


Blogger chrisbilal said...

Have you been watching that liberal CNN again. Lies lies lies I tell you, those Zionist jews own the goddamn thing and you believe them. Instead watch Fox News for fair and balanced coverage of our president and where the Iraq War is fine and where we are greeted as liberators.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Kenny said...

You had me going to a second there. People who watch Fox don't even know the Dow dropped 190 points on Friday. There is ahuge information vacuum in this country.

4:11 PM  

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