Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The BushTrix Revolutions

The BushTrix Revolutions
From Pissed on Politics

You were alseep in your bed; you had a normal job, a normal life, a normal wife, and normal kids. And then you woke up and found yourself in...

While you were not paying attention and just going about your every day life the media suddenly became right wing. The Radical Winger Republicans took over the House and the Senate while you happily minded your own business...

One day you looked up only to find that all newly appointed judges were all radical wingers. You noticed that lying about war was a good thing as long as Democracy was being spread. And you realized that torture is OK as long as only the United States does it.

Then you began to see the spread of the BushTrix to all corners of the realm. Evolution was no longer being taught in schools in favor of creationism. The "Culture of Life" prevents the BushTrix from allowing Stem Cell Research while at the same time the BushTrix will happily spend federal dollars to spread death in Iraq.

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