Thursday, June 09, 2005

Spokesperson Training 101

From my pal Sandy H on the DNC blog

1.) Always answer their questions with your own question or statement that you want to convey the issues that the Republicans are ignoring.

- High Gasoline prices, the military recruitment crisis and the real threat of an Iraqi civil war are the hot button topics now.

2.) Always make a joke of any negative questions you are asked —

- Democratic division? Since when have Democrats ageee to anything but to disagree. We like the debate. We have a big tent.

- Disrespectful comments about Republicans or the Republican President? If they can't take the heat, they must be feeling pretty vunerable or guilty about something. This is politics not Sunday school.

- The Republicans are raising more money than Democrats? We raise money at the grassroots as we need it. We don't need to take bribes from corporations or the wealthy.

3. )Always defend any comments that cast the Republicans in a bad light…not matter who says them.


Blogger halcyon67 said...

Those are good. People have been doing this for years.

ANother one I would like to add, is when Republicans call the Democrats the party of minority, the Repugs say it like it is a bad thing, which it is not. Say: I enjoying having a big umbrella, it allows for cooperation and allows diversity which is integral to any political party that wishes to truly represent America.

Now the fundraising issue: Say, well I don't care about money, the American people and their lives and the principle we stand on are more valuable than money. *feel free to throw something in about embezzlement and Enron.

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