Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Propaganda corner Bush has painted himself into

The President has painted himself into a corner. On the one hand a completely honest account of the situation would probably convince the American people that we should remain in Iraq. That honest dialogue would allow for real and comprehensive solutions to be developed and employed in Iraq. Perhaps even leading to the victory of Democracy that we all would like to see there. On the other hand he has the hugely powerful right wing propaganda machine to contend with. He has allowed his party to revolve around and embrace the smear merchants, liars, and cheerleaders to an extent that is now tying his hands. He cannot begin honest dialogue when he has built his entire administration on lies. His base would not tolerate the truth, especially after 5 years of lies and propaganda.

The truth no longer has a place in the Republican party. As such the fate of George Bush's Presidency will be determined by the failure to engage in truthful dialogue. Swallowed by his own lies and their complete disconnect to facts on the ground. The very forces that brought Bush to the White House will be the forces that define him as a failure and his administration as a national security disaster.


Blogger PoliShifter said...

More and more I think it's not just a matter of Bush not being honest. I think this administration is purposely seeking to keep the United States in a perpetual state of war. Why? Money, Economics, Power.

There is also money to be made by keeping the country divided by the media and pundits.

The division of our country and lack of clarity on Iraq serves the President in many ways.

First, it keeps us distracted so we don't notice or pay attention to the creepy legislation they are passing.

Second, harkening back to Joseph Goebbles, the Nazi Propaganda Minister, if you tell a lie often enough, people will start to think it's true.

Bush now has people thinking we went to Iraq to liberate the Iraqi People and depose a dictator. That is not why we went to war.

2:24 PM  
Blogger halcyon67 said...

Polishifter, I thought that too. I thought I was just being cynical. Thank God someone agrees with me. I think the statement, "I think this administration..." is irrefutable. Today, Eagleberger was talking about it. He said that oil played a part in the reconstruction effort in Iraq. Thank God someone on the right who served under the Bush Sr. Administration is admitting this.

People on the right, probably could not tell you what the first reason of going to war is/was. We all must admit that "WMDs" and the existence of is coming back up to the forefront.

He cannot begin honest dialogue when he has built his entire administration on lies. His base would not tolerate the truth, especially after 5 years of lies and propaganda.
^^First sentence: Absolutely, why do people still believe this administration? It is like the blind leading the blind. Are people in denial? Are they scared because of 9/11? I am sorry to bring that up, but this is the advantage that the Bush Administration has. They have continuously exploited 9/11, and demagogued the hell out of it. It is all they have. I am waiting for a smoking gun 9/11. I mean there are descrepancies with in the report and accounts by Admin. officials. However, they are not being broadcasted. Big surprise there.

The second sentence: His base is nuts.

Keep up the work Kenny, and you too PoliShifter. We all need to kick ass.

5:09 PM  

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