Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The scope of fantasy

This White House does not get it. They do not understand how to judge reality. They see everything through rose colored glasses. Examples you say:

The Tsunami: The President did not understand the scope of the disaster for days. He was late to respond.

Iraq: The scope of the insurgency and military requirements to deal with it have never been realized by this White House. They are evidently content with their fantasy of manageability in Iraq.

Katrina: 4 friggin days. The largest natural disaster in US history and it takes 4 friggin days for the President to cut his vacation and get back to work. No clue.

These people cannot be trusted to run this country. They do not have the imagination and intelligence to understand problems, let alone to fix them.


Blogger PoliShifter said...

Did you hear Kenny about how Bush cut the Army Corp of Engineer's budget in New Orleans? They had plans apparently to do something about their outdated flood control system. They started under Clinton but so much money got sucked to the Iraq War that they could not finish the project...

I heard Bush played Golf yesterday, meanwhile there may be thousands upong thousands dead.

I am not surprised though...there are thousands of soldiers dead and tens of thousands of Iraqis dead...Bush doesn't care. He can't even fake caring. I will be LMAO when he tries to say "how sorry he feels for those in New Orleans".

I hope he doesn't tell the people from New Orleans that they are making progress and to stay the course...LOFL

12:34 PM  

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