Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Bunkport Plame Leak Indictment Unified Field Theory

I am going out of town in the morning and want to get this out there. We may never know if my theory is correct, but some light may be shed on it tomorrow.

The White House has cut the Vice President's office adrift to fend for themselves. Rove has been furiously trying to push the spotlight on the VP's office. I believe much of the leaks in recent days have come from Rove's lawyer. I think Libby did lie to shield Cheney and will be indicted. But, the plan to smear Wilson and out his wife included the whole WHIG group. The White House has determined that they must try and get Rove through without a charge. They will sacrifice the VP to save Bush's brain. They have been leaking damaging information about the VP's office and the VP's office is lying down and taking it.

Merry Fitzmass.

Thank god for the extreme right

They have done more damage to Bush in one month then we have been able to do in 5 years. Hurrah!

Miers' withdrawal not only makes Bush look weak, it puts him in a position of weakness. He only has two choices now. He can nominate a "movement" conservative and beat his head against the wall, gaining zero popularity and losing his meager remaining effectiveness. Or, he can move to the center and weather the storm, alienating his base, but regaining some traction with regular Americans.

Many say he will go to the right, but I am not so sure. I think vanity will get the better of Bush. He will want to try and shape his legacy and as such will try to court the middle.

We may know very soon. It is likely that Bush will nominate someone quickly to try and distract from leak indictments. I'm going to go out on a limb and say he is going to nominate Gonzales tomorrow. But, it's a very uneducated guess.

Merry Fitsmass Eve

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Small victories begin to mount

Point of record.

Bush Admin. Drops Plan for Bunker Buster

The Bush administration has abandoned research into a nuclear "bunker-buster" warhead, deciding instead to pursue a similar device using conventional weaponry, a key Republican senator said Tuesday.

Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., said funding for the nuclear bunker-buster as part of the Energy Department's fiscal 2006 budget has been dropped at the request of the Energy Department.


Friggin hurray! One more stupid Bush administration boondoggle foiled. Next.

The watershed moment

Today, by all indication, is the day that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will issue indictments in the Plame leak affair. At this time I have decided to reflect a bit on what will surely be a turning point in our history. However, I cannot keep my mind from wandering to the same questions. Who are the heroes and who are the zeros?

George Tennet: What was his role? Is all this a carefully laid trap orchestrated by Tennet? Or, was he part of the Iraq war band wagon?

Joe Wilson: Surely all the facts will come out now. Was Wilson a partisan player or was a truth seeker?

Miller: Certainly a zero, but there is a lot unknown.

More and more I wonder about the roles of these key players. More and more I think there will be many names that come out today that we have never heard about.

But, mostly I pray we will get to the truth and that our Country will benefit from the light of day.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

All by himself

Cheney, Rove, Libby, Hadley, Hannah, Hughes, and more. Where are they, better yet, where are they going?

Bush is all by himself right now and it shows. The worst possible scenario has materialized:

The President is running the country!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Conservative Pundits Intentionally Fudge Name

Victoria Plame, Victoria Flame, Valerie Flame, etc....

I've heard it from multiple conservative pundits. These folks are intentionally fudging her name. Keep an ear out for yourself.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Will Fitzy indict?
Will Rove be forced out of the White House?
Will the Iraqi referendum accept the constitution?
Will Frist be indicted?
Will Delay continue to spread his filth until he wiggles out of his indictment.
Will the right derail Harriet Miers?
Will Bush's head explode at some staged event?

Tune in next week for As The GOP Burns.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The latest from my misguided Republican friend

So he sent me this in an email. No source of course. I know all are going to love this one:


The election of 1800 was perhaps the most important battle in human political history. It was the point at which the meaning of the American Revolution was decided. It featured Thomas Jefferson and the Republicans who believed, as modern Republicans still do, that the American Revolution was a revolution for freedom, freedom from government. Jefferson believed, "the gov't which governs best, governs least." On the opposing side were the Democrats (called Federalist at the time) led by Alexander Hamilton and John Adams who believed the Revolution was merely a revolution for freedom from the British govt. Republicans feared they were American monarchists. In fact John Adams was pulled around in a regal chariot reminiscent of George III and Alexander Hamilton had many schemes to dramatically increased the power of the Federal gov't.

The Republicans won the bitter and close election thus vanquishing the Democrats for 133 years until the Great Depression seemingly gave them an ideal opportunity to consolidate power in their federal hands where in theory it would be used to provide the promised deliverance from economic calamity. Instead it led directly to 10 years of depression and 5 years of world war. The Democrats got another big chance in the 1960s when they promised to help long suffering blacks. It led to welfare and other programs that all but destroyed the black family and culture in America.

The value of freedom was always obvious to some, but from Jefferson forward and back, there were always Democrats who schemed to gather power under one guise or another, and who always then failed, sometimes at the cost of millions of lives, in direct proportion to how much power they succeeded in gathering. Jefferson established the first significant Republician beachhead in human history against the ever threatening Democrats and to this day his spirit keeps America, as Ronald Reagan famously said, "the last best hope for freedom on earth."

For those who might want to trace the history of political parties throughout American History I recommend "The Life Of The Parties." And for those who might want to focus on the just differences between the parties I recommend "Understanding the Difference Between Democrats and Republicans".

I'm inclined to put a little explanation here as to why the above writing is so ridiculous.

First of all, neither political party existed in 1800. Second, modern conservatives side with the Federalists. Hence the conservative think tank, the Federalist Society. The above is the most twisted propaganda on the subject I have ever seen. But, I'll let you all judge on your own.

My Republican friend's answer:

Not only did neither political party even exist in 1800,
********dummy then why did Jefferson say "we are all Republicans we are all Federalists?? Jefferson hated Adams becuase he was kingly and wanted a stronger Federal govt, hence Federalist, the Republicans lived in fear of gov't so the ideologies then and now were essentially identical

but modern conservatives side with the Federalists. You have heard of the Federalists

Society haven't you? You know, the ones arguing against Miers right now.

*******dummy Federalists then and now are different.

An Arguement With a Republican about Federalism

I got an email today from a Republican about Harriet Miers and how she isn't Jeffersonian enough.

So I emailed the sender to instruct him about Jefferson, federalism, and Republicans.

Here is some of that exchange
(the name calling is from the Repub):

Jefferson was a civil libertarian, but not a federalist.
*******Jefferson was a Republican dummy

Hamilton wrote the federalist papers and Jefferson campaigned against him and won the

presidency. (this was inacurate and a mistake on my part, John Adams ran against Jefferson, Adams was a federalist)

*******wow how'd you know that???

Jefferson then proclaimed,
"We are all republicans -- we are all federalists" in his
inaugural address.

********so he said he was a Republican, but you say he was a civil libertarian???

I am a civil libertarian and not a Republican.


Republicans have increased the size and power of government over the last 5 years.
******they have compromised with the Democrats to win votes and stay in power- simple enough but who cares certainly Democrats are not the way to freedom

Explain that.

*******get it now??

But, I do need to make a correction. Jefferson ran against Adams and won. Not Hamilton. However, Hamilton did write the federalist papers.
*********yes dummy it was the election of 1800 but a few facts from history don't win an debate

I just explained to you that you don't understand federalism, nor do you get that Jefferson was not a Federalist.
*******Jefferson was a Republican we all know that dummy

The term Republican was used at the time to describe a system of government and not a political paty.
*********he defeat yourself dummy, Jefferson said: "we are all Federalists we are all Republicans" He thought of himself as a Republican was written about as a republican and founded the Republican Party, not Lincoln

I posted all this to illustrate a point. Republicans will say anything if they think it will back up their point. Never mind that they have no grasp of the issue. Perhaps this person would do well to actually read some history for themselves. This guy doesn't understand that the federalists are now revered by modern conservatives, and the term Republican was used at the time to describe a system of government and not a political party.

We pledge allegiance to the Republic, not to the Federalist United States of America.

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Ballad Of The Clean Beret

Fighting soldiers in their chairs.
Fearless men who split hairs.
Men who defend what others say.
The brave men of the clean beret.

Silver keyboards on their desks.
These are men, America's pests.
They're all talk as they run away.
They all wear the clean beret.

Men who listen to Rush all day.
Trained to parrot what others say.
Men who rant all night and day.
Courage flees from the clean beret.

Silver keyboards on their desks.
These are men, America's pests.
They're all talk as they run away.
They all wear the clean beret.

In the kitchen a young wife waits.
Her clean beret is typing hate.
He has no time for her today.
She thinks that he is probably gay.

She takes her son and runs away.
To make him one of America's best.
Teach him honesty and teach him today.
Never let him wear the clean beret.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

The benefit of the doubt factor

When you give someone the benefit of the doubt what are you giving them?

The answer is time, time to deliver.

During the 2004 presidential campaign the country was starkly divided on the Iraq war. There were those for President Bush's policies in Iraq and those against them. But, the election was decided by the swing voters. The "benefit of the doubt" crowd. They gave Bush time, time to deliver.

Now, almost a year after the election, the bill is coming due. The President is desperately trying to keep the attention on the enemy and the importance of the fight in Iraq. Regardless of his effort the country is increasingly focused on his failure to deliver.

The resulting political situation is an apparent disconnect. The American people want to hear about a shift, they want a change in tactics, a bold leadership move. Bush, however, cannot deliver anything like this. He has painted himself into a corner. In order to satisfy the public he would have to appear before Congress to request troops, money, and support for a change in strategy. This would be and admittance of failure and he is to arrogant for that. So he is forced to pretend what he is doing now is working.

He is fooling no one. Or, more truthfully, he is fooling no one who isn't in love with him anyway. So the public perceives a disconnect. While Bush must give big speeches about how horrible the enemy is and how hard the fight will be, the American people tune in to hear "we are changing our strategy in Iraq and this is what we are going to do". Hence the frustration. The more he talks around what needs to be said the lower his Iraq poll numbers will fall.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

How out of touch can one Cowboy be?

I listened to President Bush's speech today and I was a little surprised. On the one hand I found myself agreeing with the President. Yes, Islamic terrorism sucks, yes they are bad people, yes they want to impose their will on free people....etc....etc....etc...

But, where does the rubber meet the road? Where is the substance? In other words, Mr. President, what are you going to do about it? More of the same?

That's when the truth hit me like a blinding smack in the face. He thinks we are winning. Someone needs to tell this insulated, reality starved, Cowdude that we are in far worse shape in the war on terror then we were on day one.

I am tired of hearing about how evil and bad the terrorists are. I want to hear what we are going to do about it. It's time for a change in tactics. It's time for leadership.