Thursday, October 13, 2005

An Arguement With a Republican about Federalism

I got an email today from a Republican about Harriet Miers and how she isn't Jeffersonian enough.

So I emailed the sender to instruct him about Jefferson, federalism, and Republicans.

Here is some of that exchange
(the name calling is from the Repub):

Jefferson was a civil libertarian, but not a federalist.
*******Jefferson was a Republican dummy

Hamilton wrote the federalist papers and Jefferson campaigned against him and won the

presidency. (this was inacurate and a mistake on my part, John Adams ran against Jefferson, Adams was a federalist)

*******wow how'd you know that???

Jefferson then proclaimed,
"We are all republicans -- we are all federalists" in his
inaugural address.

********so he said he was a Republican, but you say he was a civil libertarian???

I am a civil libertarian and not a Republican.


Republicans have increased the size and power of government over the last 5 years.
******they have compromised with the Democrats to win votes and stay in power- simple enough but who cares certainly Democrats are not the way to freedom

Explain that.

*******get it now??

But, I do need to make a correction. Jefferson ran against Adams and won. Not Hamilton. However, Hamilton did write the federalist papers.
*********yes dummy it was the election of 1800 but a few facts from history don't win an debate

I just explained to you that you don't understand federalism, nor do you get that Jefferson was not a Federalist.
*******Jefferson was a Republican we all know that dummy

The term Republican was used at the time to describe a system of government and not a political paty.
*********he defeat yourself dummy, Jefferson said: "we are all Federalists we are all Republicans" He thought of himself as a Republican was written about as a republican and founded the Republican Party, not Lincoln

I posted all this to illustrate a point. Republicans will say anything if they think it will back up their point. Never mind that they have no grasp of the issue. Perhaps this person would do well to actually read some history for themselves. This guy doesn't understand that the federalists are now revered by modern conservatives, and the term Republican was used at the time to describe a system of government and not a political party.

We pledge allegiance to the Republic, not to the Federalist United States of America.


Blogger halcyon67 said...

Don't even bother with this guy. He thought that Democrats were Federalists. Also he does not believe that Jefferson was a Democratic-Republican, which is now the Democratic Party.

Don't open his emails, I had to do a mass email because I received emails from people who told me he was sending them all emails. How he got those emails I don't know. Block his email address immediately.

1:41 PM  

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