Thursday, October 13, 2005

The latest from my misguided Republican friend

So he sent me this in an email. No source of course. I know all are going to love this one:


The election of 1800 was perhaps the most important battle in human political history. It was the point at which the meaning of the American Revolution was decided. It featured Thomas Jefferson and the Republicans who believed, as modern Republicans still do, that the American Revolution was a revolution for freedom, freedom from government. Jefferson believed, "the gov't which governs best, governs least." On the opposing side were the Democrats (called Federalist at the time) led by Alexander Hamilton and John Adams who believed the Revolution was merely a revolution for freedom from the British govt. Republicans feared they were American monarchists. In fact John Adams was pulled around in a regal chariot reminiscent of George III and Alexander Hamilton had many schemes to dramatically increased the power of the Federal gov't.

The Republicans won the bitter and close election thus vanquishing the Democrats for 133 years until the Great Depression seemingly gave them an ideal opportunity to consolidate power in their federal hands where in theory it would be used to provide the promised deliverance from economic calamity. Instead it led directly to 10 years of depression and 5 years of world war. The Democrats got another big chance in the 1960s when they promised to help long suffering blacks. It led to welfare and other programs that all but destroyed the black family and culture in America.

The value of freedom was always obvious to some, but from Jefferson forward and back, there were always Democrats who schemed to gather power under one guise or another, and who always then failed, sometimes at the cost of millions of lives, in direct proportion to how much power they succeeded in gathering. Jefferson established the first significant Republician beachhead in human history against the ever threatening Democrats and to this day his spirit keeps America, as Ronald Reagan famously said, "the last best hope for freedom on earth."

For those who might want to trace the history of political parties throughout American History I recommend "The Life Of The Parties." And for those who might want to focus on the just differences between the parties I recommend "Understanding the Difference Between Democrats and Republicans".

I'm inclined to put a little explanation here as to why the above writing is so ridiculous.

First of all, neither political party existed in 1800. Second, modern conservatives side with the Federalists. Hence the conservative think tank, the Federalist Society. The above is the most twisted propaganda on the subject I have ever seen. But, I'll let you all judge on your own.

My Republican friend's answer:

Not only did neither political party even exist in 1800,
********dummy then why did Jefferson say "we are all Republicans we are all Federalists?? Jefferson hated Adams becuase he was kingly and wanted a stronger Federal govt, hence Federalist, the Republicans lived in fear of gov't so the ideologies then and now were essentially identical

but modern conservatives side with the Federalists. You have heard of the Federalists

Society haven't you? You know, the ones arguing against Miers right now.

*******dummy Federalists then and now are different.


Blogger halcyon67 said...

I will IM him, and tell him to stop harrassing you...Just ignore him. I go to his blog to enjoy a chuckle. When he is not high on conservatism, he can be quite smart. I think he is dyslexic on the parties.

1:44 PM  
Blogger Ol' Froth said...

Um...I know YOU know it, but Jefferson's party was the Republican-Democratic party. The "Republican" was dropped shortly thereafter, and has been known as the Democratic party ever since.

The "modern" republican party was born in the 1850's, a coalition of former whigs, free-soil democrats, and other pro-growth, anti-slavery factions.

Doesn't your friend know this?

10:04 AM  

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