Saturday, November 19, 2005

Exporting Democracy to Iraq is a Major Mistake

Noble as it may sound, a representative democracy in Iraq runs a major risk of being anti-American.

If we can't trust that the future Iraqi government will act in our national interest then installing it is a mistake. We have spent to much blood and treasure to come out of this war with an unfriendly Iraqi government. Or worse, a Government friendly to Iran.

If Iraq is not a US client State the war will have been for nothing.

Now Repugs can rant all they want about how cynical this is and how high they hold the ideals of democracy and all that might be well and good. But, if we don't get direct and tangible economic, strategic, or diplomatic gains out of this it's a waste.

I say to the Repugs, grow up. If our national interest is not advanced clearly and tangibly you will never convince the majority of the American people to support this war. Your rhetoric is empty.


Blogger PoliShifter said...

Excellent Points Kenny.

Elections up to this point seem to suggest that the Iraqi People want an Islamic State.

If this is what the Iraqi People want, isn't that Democracy?

Shouldn't we respect that?

I don't think the Bush Administration would be happy with another Islamic State in the Middle East, even if it is elected to power democratically.

You are right on the mark Kenny.

Isn't it all about National Security and what is in the best interest of the United States?

Isn't that one of the Republican Mantras?

11:26 PM  

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