Monday, December 19, 2005

Right wing fear mongering leads to surrender.


Why are you so willing to surrender your rights to terrorist? I'm scared too, but I am not going to sacrifice my core beliefs on the alter of fear. I am a civil libertarian like any real conservative. I respect conservative thought even though I don't subscribe to much of it. I have no respect for people who claim to be conservative, yet are willing to toss out the constitution the second they feel a tinge of fear.

We cannot win against the terrorists by giving up our core principles. If we do so they win without firing a shot.

With fading respect,



Blogger PoliShifter said...

Beneath it all I guess Conservatives truly are yellow chickenhawks afraid of their own shadows.

They are afraid of terrorists
They are afraid to go fight wars but not so afraid to send other people to fight them.

They are so afraid that the only way they can feel safe is to relinquish all their freedoms to a brutal dictator like GW Bush.

4:14 PM  

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