Thursday, December 22, 2005

Why The Rightys Still Believe King George, From Pissed On Politics

Critical thinkers prefer analysis of facts and figures from reputable sources. They always question the motives of the persuader. They apply logic and examine the validity of the information being presented. They are suspect of strong emotional ploys and probe them for relevance, reliability, and validity.

Non-critical thinkers
don’t have a lot of use for facts and figures. They are not likely to take the time to analyze or apply sound logical principals. They are addicted to the emotional rush of the sensational sound-bite and are not likely to question that validity of what makes them feel good. They accept information that reinforces their emotional commitment to an issue, no matter how inconsistent or illogical.

Which kind of “thinkers” do you think still believe the bull shit King George is using to push his ratings up?

How many Rightys will take the time to read and understand this post?


Anonymous Michelle said...

Great post, Kenny! I agree totally--the Righties don't want to confront any hard realities that upset their pipe dreams of an America where everyone looks and acts like the Cleaver Family.

11:38 AM  

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