Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What's wrong with our party?

1.) Lack of leadership and principled elected officials.

Our democratic party is full of opportunists, strategic players, and self protectionists. Americans admire people with convictions...people who stand for something. The conservative charge that democrats don't stand for anything sticks...because it's true. Not us...not us in the grass roots. Our leaders don't stand for anything.

2.) We are identified by the fringe.

In the vacuum created by our elected officials lack of leadership we look to anyone who will stand on principle. Often these folks stand on the fringe of American political life. In itself there is nothing wrong with this, but it won't attract moderates to the party.

Unless Democrats address these problems we are going to continue to spin our wheels.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

On family values

Unhappy bitter people spend all their time focusing on how others live.

Happy people focus on living.

Republicans have lost their way. What do they stand for now?

This isn't directed at individual Republicans, it's directed at the leadership. The Republican leadership is not doing what they said they would do.

Smaller government....nope.
Reign in spending....nope.
Limiting Federal power...nope.
The Constitution...nope.
Border Security...nope.
Marriage amendment...nope.

Anti Choice...yep

Is that the only issue Republicans haven't changed course on?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Thoughts on the future

It's absolutely clear to me now that the conservative base is smaller then our base. They are a small minority of America, but they are marching in lock step.

We can't do that and we never will be able to. No two democrats agree on everything and that's good. That should be our strength...not our weakness.

The fact is we are real people...they are stepford people.

What we have to do is convince our fellow dems to embrace their own views and express them publicly.

We have to convince ourselves that emailing, calling and writing letters is a duty...not just something you do when enraged.


We need to be proud of our ideas and express them to the media, our politicians, and each other.

Friday, January 20, 2006

It's about intimidation.

Think about this:

They now have all your emails on disk, all the packets you ever send or receive online are being captured and stored. Now they want to have search records too.

Say you are running for congress, or your a news reporter, or your a blogger. Say you are expressing views against the administration.

Now they can data mine and swift boat your ass with everything you ever did online. So like every other adult in the US you looked at a little porn, you might have bought a bong, maybe you cheated on your wife and you sent your girl friend emails.

They want total power of people, they are close to getting it.

Only cowards and old women

Did Lincoln tell the American people to fear the South? Did he tell them that Southerners were coming to their town to kill them? Did he try to make them afraid?

Did Washington tell his men the Brits were everywhere. Did he tell them how powerful the British are, that they could come and kill them any second.

FDR told us, "there is nothing to fear, but fear itself".

GWB's fear mongering is getting old. Americans don't like feeling powerless. It's backfiring. Americans don't want to hear how powerful and scary the enemy is. They want to hear about Osama dead.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

A note to the Information Technology community

One of the most important missions of IT professionals is information security.

Securing company information against spies from outside and malcontents within the company occupies a great deal of the average American IT workers time.

All of a sudden a threat has appeared that no amount of diligence or dedication can counter.

The biggest threat to corporate information security just became the federal government.

They are listening to and recording all cell, email, and other electronic traffic. This fact is no longer conjecture or conspiracy theory. Recent disclosures have confirmed this reality. There are no encryption algorithms publicly available that they do not have the keys to and they can do it all with complete secrecy.

The Executive branch of the United States Government now has the power to make or break any company in the country, to sell or trade their secrets and to do it with complete impunity.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

How Bush has squandered our national leverage and allowed Iran to walk all over us

By lying us into, and then completely mismanaging, the Iraq war Bush has weakened our nation and allowed it's long standing enemies to laugh in our faces.

Iran knows full well we are a paper tiger. They may be crazy, but they aren't dumb. They have calculated the worst we can do and decided they can take it. A few bombs, a few sanctions, they don't care. They know we can't invade their country and they have weighed the benefits of nukes against our weakness and decided to go for it.

With 150,000 of our best troops tied down in Iraq, countless others in support of them, our exposed supply lines, and our President's stupid refusal to increase the size of the regular army, we are totally incapable of threatening Iran in a meaningful way.

Sure we can bomb them, sure we can put them under sanctions, but we can't stop them and they know it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Democrats must force the Republican Senate's hand and filibuster Alito


The Republican Senate is built on one last house of cards. The nuclear option. The idea is dead, but Democrats haven't figured it out yet. The Nuclear option is built on the premise that a popular President is being obstructed by an unpopular minority party.

The truth on the ground is far from that. The vast majority of the public wants President Bush's hands tied. We think he's incompetent. He gets no more free rides.

Now, we want to show the American people that the Republicans in the Senate are a "rubber stamp" right. What a better way is there then forcing them to try and change the Senate rules to give themselves more power?

This is the biggest weapon we have right now. We need to make sure our people use it. Call your Democratic Senators today. Do it.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Al Qaeda is on it's last leg in Iraq

A civil war among the sectarian groups is not the outcome Al Qaeda wanted, they want to fight us. They only thrive in Iraq if we are there. Once the war turns from Iraqis against the US to Iraqis against Iraqis Al Qaeda loses it's focus and it's reason for being there.

The latest Al Qaeda video is a desperate attempt to berate Bush into staying in Iraq.