Saturday, January 14, 2006

How Bush has squandered our national leverage and allowed Iran to walk all over us

By lying us into, and then completely mismanaging, the Iraq war Bush has weakened our nation and allowed it's long standing enemies to laugh in our faces.

Iran knows full well we are a paper tiger. They may be crazy, but they aren't dumb. They have calculated the worst we can do and decided they can take it. A few bombs, a few sanctions, they don't care. They know we can't invade their country and they have weighed the benefits of nukes against our weakness and decided to go for it.

With 150,000 of our best troops tied down in Iraq, countless others in support of them, our exposed supply lines, and our President's stupid refusal to increase the size of the regular army, we are totally incapable of threatening Iran in a meaningful way.

Sure we can bomb them, sure we can put them under sanctions, but we can't stop them and they know it.


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