Thursday, January 19, 2006

A note to the Information Technology community

One of the most important missions of IT professionals is information security.

Securing company information against spies from outside and malcontents within the company occupies a great deal of the average American IT workers time.

All of a sudden a threat has appeared that no amount of diligence or dedication can counter.

The biggest threat to corporate information security just became the federal government.

They are listening to and recording all cell, email, and other electronic traffic. This fact is no longer conjecture or conspiracy theory. Recent disclosures have confirmed this reality. There are no encryption algorithms publicly available that they do not have the keys to and they can do it all with complete secrecy.

The Executive branch of the United States Government now has the power to make or break any company in the country, to sell or trade their secrets and to do it with complete impunity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

JOKE, huh? Ever try to read 750,000,000 US emails a day? Tough!

1:38 PM  
Blogger Kenny said...

JOKE, huh? Ever try to read 750,000,000 US emails a day? Tough!


The facts here are escaping you. They don't sit around and read all the emails sent each day. They just store them for data mining.

For instance the search engine google crawls and caches billions of websites. Yet in about a second you can find everything you want on say motercycling, or running.


6:43 PM  

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