Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"Angst, the new patriotism"

If what's happening doesn't piss you off, you probably don't care about this country anyway.

World hostage. Bush admin the sleeper cell.

Let's face it folks.
What I see on CSPAN 2.
The Conyers Impeachment organization.
Beautiful, yes, listened to by the nation, not quite.
Many zombies, many yes-men, silk sheets and downpillows, who wants to wake up?
Fess up.

The idea I've chosen to ride is this:
If so and so's sleeper cell did what they did.
Who's to say the current admin was not a
faith based sleeper cell
schemes and dreams of power at the head of the cell...

and here we are
headlines tell the tale of division and drug-
induced or 'power' induced corruption...

In my humble opinion we've been hijacked
since MLK was killed. Or Malcom X.
Or, JFK, or...
the supposed leadership does work with the same
tactic of the quote unqote terrorists...
ask the folks that have been shafted all over this nation.

Too bad they don't show what the crucifix did to the native Americans. But oh boy did they get their revenge by exploiting the stupid fkn' whiteman's weakness. Gambling, smoking, drinking and T&A.

Boy, hope after all the abuse comes home to roost there's those that are willing to give...

yeah right
nobody cares
about the victims
which will be you and I
sure enough

take to the streets like they do all over
and not with your vehicle mind you
on foot
like Jesus! LOL, sigh....

woe is the U.S. of Anarchy
on the way
day by day
lung cancer for those that never smoked

Earth does not lie. Damage. Damage.

"Be all that you can be" (no matter who dies)
just another trick that's up their sleeve...

Clear Fascist Channel sucks.

And what else? Nothing but more love on the way.
It's my right, so far.

the internet was hijacked by thugs and crime as well; I've been though the biz and it's the biggest
MSN money laundering scheme next to convenient viruses they LET happen...
like the WTC demolition they LET happen...

failure of imagination
failuer of the human spirit, CHECK!
total tyranny, CHECK!
yep that's who's up there on the hill dismantling
a system that could have worked to the benefit of
all citizens


Courtesy of JimInBroward on the Ed Schultz Message Board.


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