Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bravo Neocon idiots. You have created your doomsday scenario.

We find ourselves between a Shiite ascendancy and a Sunni panic. Iran has increased it's influence in Southern Iraq and likely obtain a nuclear weapon as well. Our worst nightmare is coming true before our eyes.

Our Sunni secular non-democratic allies are scared out of their minds. Our Sunni Islamic fundamentalist enemies are salivating at their chance to seize power in these dictatorships and Afghanistan, and our Shiite fundamentalist enemies are climbing the ladder of power on the backs of dead Americans.

Could things in get worse?

You bet your ass they can. The Sunni Islamic fundamentalists have secured sanctuary in Pakistan and are fighting a determined insurgency in Afghanistan. NATO is unable to respond. It's Generals in Afghanistan have been calling for more troops. These calls have so far gone unanswered.

Our "leaders" are not playing to win. They tell us that this war is the "calling of our generation". But, they will not commit to fighting it. There are only 13,000 American troops in Afghanistan and only 8,000 NATO troops.

The situation in Iraq is worse. Only 130,000 American troops are deployed in this "central front in the war on terror".

Perhaps our "leaders" take their rhetoric far more seriously then they do the actual war. If this war is indeed the "calling of our generation", let's man up and get the job done. Otherwise, let's shut up and take our lumps.


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