Tuesday, September 12, 2006

China is moving toward Asian hegemony

With the only global superpower fighting two increasingly hot wars in the Middle East, the increasing apathy toward global security in Europe, and the use of North Korea as a lighting rod, China is moving toward Asian hegemony.

The United States is squandering our deterrence and our influence in Asia. We have already reduced troops strength in Japan and South Korea. We have already stepped back from our pledge to defend Taiwan.

China has begun moving and there is not much we are doing to counter her.

In the most recent find, users spotted an underwater submarine tunnel off China's Hainan Island. They've also found a mock-up of a Taiwanese air base in China's remote western desert. In a bizarre discovery, a computer technician in Germany noticed a huge and startlingly accurate terrain model in northwest China that replicates a sensitive border area with India.

Washington's preoccupation with terrorism and it's blunders in the Middle East have opened the door for China both militarily and economically.

The politically sensitive deficit with China did decline slightly in July to $19.6 billion but is still on track to far exceed last year's $202 billion deficit, the highest ever recorded with a single country.

Fighting terrorists is important. But, it is as important as killing ticks on a dog with lung cancer. It needs to be done, but not at the expense of the animals life. We must face the real threat and the real threat is China.


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