Friday, September 15, 2006

Spotlight CA-50 It's about Iraq and Francine Busby gets it

Brain Bilbray, one of the poster boy GOP money changers, will not stand and face his challenger in a debate. Francine Busby, Bilbray's opponent, believes the issue of the day is the war in Iraq. According to Busby, “Voters deserve to hear from all the Congressional candidates in a manner that encourages accountability and open discussion. I stand ready, willing and able to address their concerns and serve their needs.”

Bilbray, like many of the GOP's robotic rubber stampers wants to abdicate his congressional responsibilities and allow "President" Bush carte blanche in the Iraq war. This approach has left the United States military weak, as well as failed to produce any of the promised results in Iraq. According to Busby, “Americans are tired of having our brave men and women killed and wounded in a conflict that tragically and quite predictably has become a civil war. It’s time to listen to the many American generals who are telling us to set an aggressive timetable for exiting Iraq.

Brain Bilbray does not want to face San Diegans on this issue. He is a cutting and running from the debates as fast as he can. Perhaps if he can't face the voters knowing his rubber stamp has lead to the deaths of thousands of American troops. Or perhaps he just doesn't care what the voters think.

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