Friday, September 01, 2006

Why the Iraq war has made us less safe and less able to deal with Iran

This is the issue as I see it:

There is only one port city in Iraq, Basra. Basra is a Shiite city. The highway runs north from Basra through Shiite territory up into Baghdad and the rest of Iraq.

I believe, and I'm sure many military strategists believe, any attack on Iran will result in a Shiite uprising. Iran has been infiltrating Iraq and it's Shiite political parties for years, this is well known.

If the Shiites squeeze or close that highway we are in real trouble.

We have 130.000 troops spread out all over Iraq. Think how much they eat everyday, how many bullets, spare parts, uniforms, medical supplies etc... they need everyday. Re-supply from air will not work for long.

We put ourselves between a rock and a ran place and it isn't good.

I'm afraid the simple fact is, the people who run Iran are smarter then the people who run the USA.

Yes, it is indeed possible to re-supply through Kuwait as some have pointed out to me. However, supplies coming through Kuwait must travel up the same highway as those unloaded in Basra. The strategic situation is unchanged. Also, I believe Turkey is out because Turkey is currently shelling the Kurdish region of Iraq and is massing troops on the border there. Jordan may be a possibility. But, that would bring our supplies through the already hostile Sunni region.


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