Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How is your family neocon handling things?

Every family has at least one. You know the loud mouth who ruins family gatherings by calling all those who don't slobber over Rush's every word a communist. The "your against America" if you don't follow Bush with mechanical hero worship mantra you heard at the Labor day barbeque.

Just how is yours doing these days?

Mine...well mine is in a state of anger, bordering on panic, bordering on self delusion.

"stay the course" is over now. The catch phrase gap has begun. It's a lot like the cold war missile gap except this one is real. Without a catch phrase to rally around our followers, our Bush worshippers, don't have anything to say exactly. They have their marching order, but didn't get their talking points.

The argument has broken down. My neocon parrot has taken to bringing up the bumper stickers of old in a futile, but scripted, attempt at coming up with some argument, any argument.

"The weapons are in Syria", "Saddam gave money to terrorists", "freedom on the march", anything.....

It's a little sad to see their hope die, their undying love falter, their once proud idol turn to stone.

However, in their self pity and their, "it will get better", hope against hope. They are happy to continue to sacrifice the lives on innocent Americans. Day after day the bodies roll in, day after day it's more "it will get better".

How many dead Americans will make it better?

Oh right..."I'm against America" because I want to know the answer to a simple questions.

How many dead Americans are worth the installation of a Shiite dominated Islamic government in Iraq? I really want to know that answer. My neocon won't answer, he just attacks with, "you want the terrorists to win".

News flash, the terrorists are winning. WTF are you going to do about it?

"Stay the course". Oh right that's over now.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kenny's Guide to Arguing With Wingnuts About North Korea

when arguing with ditto heads about Bush and NK simply follow the following script.

1.) Ask politely; so, what is Bush's North Korea plan anyway?

-They will spew some talking point about the 6 party talks and the reliance on China and the rest.
-Or, they will shut up right there because they don't even know that much.
(At which time they will blame Clinton and you have to start over.)

2.)Then ask, How are those 6 party talks going anyway?

-North Korea isn't going to them and no one seems to be able to get them too.
(At which time they will blame Clinton and you have to start over.)

3.)So ask, How are we going to make them go to the 6 party talks?

-China is supposed to make them go according to wingnut theory. Sooo it begs the question #4.
(At which time they will blame Clinton and you have to start over.)

4.)Why are we outsourcing our national security to China?

(At which time they will blame Clinton and you have to start over.)

What is Bush's plan for North Korea anyway?

While conservatives are busy trying to blame everything on the guy who was President 7 years ago, the American people are firmly placing the blame for today's reality where it belongs, on Bush.

Now, I agree Clinton did fuck up and made a pretty crappy deal with NK. But, at least he did something. Allowing NK to do what it wants for 7 years without even trying to do anything is stupid and it hasn't worked at all.

There is not big stick to hit them with. China cannot be trusted to negotiate in our best interests and anyone who thought they would is ignorant and naive.

It's time for the current leader to do something.....something more then talk and pointing fingers.

What is Bush's plan for NK?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A simple truth about Republicans and the election

Republicans got so used to talking to themselves they didn't realize the rest of the country stopped listening long ago.

This election is going to be won on turn out. Bet on their 30% or so going to the polls. The only way to win is get all your friends, family, and people you don't even know to vote.

This is ours to win now. If we don't it's not going to be the parties fault, it's going to be our fault.

Remember, "Subpoenas, investigations, impeachment". None of these things will every happen if they win.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What the problems with the Democratic Party are and why there is hope for the future

For years the Democratic Party has been using Union workers for their troops. Much like the Republican party uses Christian conservatives to man the phones, lick the envelopes, and the like.

The Union workers do a good job and all, but all the while some elements of the party undercut the Unions, in favor of money from big business. Votes for NAFTA and Union busting for big business decimated Union member numbers and clout.

During this whole period the party got further and further away from it's ideals and it's base. The base felt disaffected and the party began to deteriorate. The party began concentrating only in some states and abandoned others to the Republicans.

However, in recent years there has been resurgence in the Democratic base. Led primarily by net roots activism and old fashioned grass roots, the party is beginning to become revived. The Unions are also beginning to wake up and demand more from the candidates they support. The DNC has a real leader in Howard Dean who has organized around small donations from real people. Further Dean has begun to reorganize the party in the states that where previously abandoned.

The party has a chance now. Our continued activism counts for something. We are changing the way the party works. It is taking notice. There is hope.

The Republican leadership covered up the Foley scandal for the last election

By now the entire country has heard of Republican Representative Mark Foley's dirty messages to underage House pages. Well, the Republican leadership in the house heard about it two years ago. They failed to protect the children under their care by choosing to cover the scandal up rather then investigate it properly. They were so worried about damage to their power that they let Mark Foley continue his behavior for years.

Now, as this scandal is breaking just over a month before the election, they Republican leadership is claiming Democrats set the scandal up blah blah blah.

However, if they had done their jobs this scandal would have been settled long ago. There would have been a political price to pay for the Republican party in the last election. Instead they chose to cover this up and are now paying the price in this election. This is a scandal completely of their making. Cover ups are never worth the price. Will they ever learn?

Spotlight CA-50: Busby Demands Hastert Resignation, Moral Leadership From Bilbray

San Diego, CA, October 2, 2006 – Francine Busby, California’s 50th Congressional District candidate, demanded today that House Speaker Dennis Hastert resign. Busby also called on Congress and incumbent Brian Bilbray (R-CA-50) to show moral leadership by calling for Hastert’s immediate removal, and giving political contributions from disgraced Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL-16) to charity.

Numerous concerns continue to plague Bilbray, including serious charges of misconduct and campaign contributions from Representative Foley’s "Florida Republican Leadership PAC" in past elections.

According to Busby, “In light of all the scandals and corruption in Washington, D.C., we have a moral duty to change the direction of this country. It’s time for Bilbray to stand up for the people of the 50th District. Failing to stand up in the face of corruption indicates a lack of a moral compass.”

Busby continued, “Enough is enough. The House leadership must resign. They sat idly by as teenagers were pursued by a pedophile in the House of Representatives. This is just another example of how Bilbray and his cronies in Congress are incapable of leading this country.”

Support Francine

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Noam Chomsky on 911 conspiracy

For me, the biggest reason why I suspect much of the conspiracy theory stuff is false, is the anger I get thrown at me when I question it.

I've had people just come unhinged over this stuff. The only beliefs that come with that kind of anger and venom are religious beliefs. In other words faith based beliefs.

These conspiracy theories require a leap of faith. And they require overlooking evidence that is contrary to the belief.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Why Bush Can't Face Reality In Iraq

Bush believes that his Presidency is ordained by God. He believes he is carrying out God's will. As such he is unable to accept anything remotely resembling the reality of his failure. This is why President Bush continually refers to the war in Iraq as a long term struggle. He believes that God acts in mysterious ways and therefore everything will turn out OK in the end. He repeatedly says this.

Take a moment to view this video of an exchange between President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Bush is acting on faith. He believes his vision is God's vision and because of that he believes he will eventually have success in Iraq.

The man is unable to accept reality because it undermines his entire self image. If his policies are ordained by God, how then can they fail? For him to accept reality is tantamount to him accepting that he is not God's man on earth. That he is in fact failing because God is against him.

A faith based Presidency can only see things two ways. Either you are succeeding according to God's will, or you are failing because you are not with God. Bush cannot accept the fact that he is failing.