Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Spotlight CA-50: Busby Demands Hastert Resignation, Moral Leadership From Bilbray

San Diego, CA, October 2, 2006 – Francine Busby, California’s 50th Congressional District candidate, demanded today that House Speaker Dennis Hastert resign. Busby also called on Congress and incumbent Brian Bilbray (R-CA-50) to show moral leadership by calling for Hastert’s immediate removal, and giving political contributions from disgraced Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL-16) to charity.

Numerous concerns continue to plague Bilbray, including serious charges of misconduct and campaign contributions from Representative Foley’s "Florida Republican Leadership PAC" in past elections.

According to Busby, “In light of all the scandals and corruption in Washington, D.C., we have a moral duty to change the direction of this country. It’s time for Bilbray to stand up for the people of the 50th District. Failing to stand up in the face of corruption indicates a lack of a moral compass.”

Busby continued, “Enough is enough. The House leadership must resign. They sat idly by as teenagers were pursued by a pedophile in the House of Representatives. This is just another example of how Bilbray and his cronies in Congress are incapable of leading this country.”

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