Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What the problems with the Democratic Party are and why there is hope for the future

For years the Democratic Party has been using Union workers for their troops. Much like the Republican party uses Christian conservatives to man the phones, lick the envelopes, and the like.

The Union workers do a good job and all, but all the while some elements of the party undercut the Unions, in favor of money from big business. Votes for NAFTA and Union busting for big business decimated Union member numbers and clout.

During this whole period the party got further and further away from it's ideals and it's base. The base felt disaffected and the party began to deteriorate. The party began concentrating only in some states and abandoned others to the Republicans.

However, in recent years there has been resurgence in the Democratic base. Led primarily by net roots activism and old fashioned grass roots, the party is beginning to become revived. The Unions are also beginning to wake up and demand more from the candidates they support. The DNC has a real leader in Howard Dean who has organized around small donations from real people. Further Dean has begun to reorganize the party in the states that where previously abandoned.

The party has a chance now. Our continued activism counts for something. We are changing the way the party works. It is taking notice. There is hope.


Blogger Mr. Natural said...

Which is EXACTLY why we are voting AGAINST the Democratic 'planners, spinners, and think tankers', and they are in a goddamned TIZZY over it...the insiders are aware that thier days are numbered.

How ya been Kenny?

9:47 AM  
Blogger Kenny said...

I'm good man.

I've been doing my thing you know strikes and gutters.

And you?

1:59 PM  

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