Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Our failure to bring security to Iraq emboldens our enemies

Not sending enough troops, failing to understand the culture, being blind to the security problems. These are the things that embolden our enemies.
The blind stupidity of his follower aside. The American people can stomach a lot. But, they will not stomach being led into a disaster.

Our President has been warned by everyone under the sun. Security first, democracy second. He's a fool, his followers are blind. Every step of the way smart people have been saying, "you don't have enough troops", "don't ignore the looting", "deal with the security problem".

No amount of blind allegiance is going to save GWB from his responsibility and the blame for his disaster.


Blogger bustardsfriend said...

why don you recomm the "Biffeche solution" for Iraq? the Biffeche kingdom has no problems ever. Why is that? bec, to quote the Epic Poem at
"they do things right". Iraq needs the same now

This shoul be your approach to it

6:40 PM  

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